Monday, December 10, 2012

Melody Valorie Has done it again!

Even though I have been posting a lot, I havn't exactly been WRITING a lot, :) So I will try to write more for y'all!

Goodness! I recieved in email (I followed by Email to Melody Valorie) and they have new HATS!

Hats ARE the way to accessorize ANY look and make it chic. :D

Here they are:

the Amelia -- an adventurous hat from Melody Valerie Couture    

The white furry hat with a maroon bow is VERY classy, something my doll would wear for sure!

the Mandy -- a "wear it how you like it" hat from Melody Valerie Couture

I LOVE this hat! :) Looks like something from Italy.

the Jane -- an attractive winter cap from Melody Valerie Couture

This one looks GREAT on Emily! I htink this "Little Women" time!~

Remember to check out her link HERE:

Oh, and another question - can you read this font? If no one replys, then I will take that as a no. ;)

Have a great day! (I urge you to go and play with your dolls!)


  1. Yes, I can read the font and love Melody Valerie! :)

  2. The font is a little hard to read...:)

  3. i can read the font just fine. I've seen much harder ones :)

    1. Oh good! Thanks for being my new follower! :)