Sunday, December 9, 2012

Purple is my middle name.

{No, not really, I used to really dislike it, I just needed to grasp your attention!}

He he, :D Sorry girls! Fashion posts today, will be FUN! I know for a lot of you YOUR middle name is purple (or pink). Mine is green. ANYWAY. :)

Some purple things to spice up your doll world.

Purple Regency Era 18 inch American Girl Doll Dress Caroline Link for a regency dress for Caroline!

Link!                                                Purple woven headband for American Girl and 18 inch dolls

American Girl Doll Outfit -- Purple Knit Top with Purple Corduroy Jeans  (We might do a review with this shop) Link!

READY TO SHIP: American Girl Doll Purple Tutu  Link for Tutu!

Hope you had a fun time today! :) I might make ANOTHER survey (so please bear with me!) :)
{I JUST got a FaceBook page. NOT for personal use, just for my little business review. :) LOL, don't worry, I will share the link with you soon!}
Alright, I have to go to Church! :)
Till tomorrow!


  1. cute tutu - we love all your posts!

  2. DollyGirl: I think it is quite nice on Rebecca. :)

    Spiceys: Thank you! :) Same here with your blog! American Girl fan .com is having a giveaway for a tutu!