Saturday, December 8, 2012

Second time around!

Hi'ya! :)

Do you like the new design? I think it is pretty classy but yet fun for this type of review blog. :) Do you agree? Please comment below with what you think, I am adding new pages, etc.

I made a button! :)

I think is fun (Yes, and more springy, but hey - Where I live it is still 70 degrees, so don't blame me! :P)

Just making sure... :-)

{I cannot believe I havn't showed you my Christmas list, ugh, I have been so busy!}

Normally I ask for a doll for Christmas. This time I dind't. Don't know why, but I felt like I needed some smaller things, like extras... :)

I asked for:

Scrapbook supplys
Goodwill giftcard (lol)
Etsy stuff
A doll white bunkbed
Hunger Games books 2 & 3
And a bunch of other small stuff.

No big item this year, I am happy with whatever I get! =)

Ok, signing off (can't promise though, you girls are making me want to post more) :D,

{Please enjoy your Saturday and turn off the computer, America needs more family time, Yes, I am telling that to myself. (: }


  1. I love it! It is very stylish and cute. :)

  2. It's six in the morning. Do I REALLY have to turn it off?