My dolls! :)

American Girls are the dolls I currently have in my collection.I like diversity, and unique looks. I have five {yes, I have downsized} American Girl dolls and LOVE what they bring to my collection. :)



Rebecca has an amazing story! And when she came out in 2010 (or was it 2009?), I KNEW that she would have to be my first American Girl doll. I got Rebecca for Christmas in 2010.   There was NO doll that compared herself to Rebecca. The curls, the story, the personality! :) For Christmas my mom hides the gift(s) and then gives us a clue to find them. Rebecca was in the washing machine (lol) safe and DRY and ready to be opened! I also recieved some of her collection from my Grandma and a camera to snap some pictures of my new doll! I love her dearly, and thank my parents! :D

In some of the pictures she is modern, but in reality she is a historical from 1914s, and I keep her like that.




I got Josephina from Craigslist (Jan.. 2011) for $100 new in box.  It wasn't much of a savings but she was a doll that was so unique! Her coulture is why I love historical dolls. I bought her with the money I had from selling my two used dolls and Kailey and a MAG. I LOVE her! She and Rebecca are my favorite dolls, I am blessed to have her! She is very New Mexican and has a lot of great stories behind her. She is adorable!


Voilet is a doll I found at Goodwill for $4.00 in August. She was Indian, and then modern, but now she has found her place as Josephina's sibling "Clara". So you may know her as Voilet or Clara. She is very pretty, and I love her.


*more pictures to come of Miss Victoria*

Victoria was found in November 2012. She is such a beauty and ANOTHER Goodwill find! She is a MAG, I would like to make her a historical but don't know where to put her yet. She is a MAG with black hair and brown eyes, she is also our official model for "Downtown Dolls". She is beautiful and was found for a whopping $6.00! :) She is half French and half Chinese! Her favorite food is crepes with nutella, she makes them daily. Wowzer, happy to have Victoria Sabrine Lee!

 Saige Copeland is GOTY 2013. I have not figured out her story yet, but it will not be what AG has figured out for her. She is unique, and has a stunning coloring!
She is one of my only modern girls. Her curls are so pretty, and she is very headstrong!
Miss Katrina Rubin
-is the sister to Rebecca, AND is due to get married this summer -

I got her with some extra money I had received from selling a lot of things at a yard sale! She is PERFECT! Katrina is Rebecca's Russian sister. I got her early April 2013.


My beautiful Primrose is a re-named Marisol doll. She is a NIB doll that I thought I would never afford! I traded her for my Ruthie doll and $30.00. She is stunning <3. She is very quite, yet bold (as you can see in her fashion ways)

Drew is my custom boy doll! He was found on Ebay for $35.00 as a TLC MAG doll! I rewigged him and here he is BRAND NEW! :D He is smart, funny, kinda nerdy, and loves his girlfriend (soon to be married) Katrina!


{More coming soon, I have 26 more on my wishlist, he he} :D


  1. My wife has the same fondness with dolls and their accessories. She doesn’t play with them, though. We let our daughters play with her doll collection. She just likes to dress them up, and I am simply happy to see my family share the same interest. Your doll collection, by the way, is very impressive!

    Chris Jeffery

  2. I really wish I could find some dolls @ goodwill:) Beautiful Collection:)

  3. Wow!! I need to keep looking at the Goodwill stores!



  5. I wish I had that many...*sigh* Amazing dolls.

  6. Your dolls are beautiful! And the photography is gorgeous. Keep up the good work :)

  7. I have never seen anyone portray their dolls as older than like 10! That is pretty cool! I love your dolls!

  8. You need to update this page! ;) I love ur dolls and ur blog! It is so unique!

  9. lol my mom does the same with me my first doll was in the bathtub :)

  10. I love Rebecca, she is DEFINITELY on my AG wish list!!!!! Gorgeous dolls, by the way.

  11. You'll have to put 61 on here now! Btw, what did you name her??