What to expect -

I hope that this blogs fulfills every want in your doll world. :)

There are hundreds of blogs, I hope that my doll blog "My American Girl Story" pops out to you and that you enjoy the unique posts!

1. Reviews, to bring you to new shops and to introduce you to the smaller shops who crave unique things, you should too! They are done with pictures, pros, cons and much more to make sure you get my honest opinion!

2. Giveaways. You got to have some FUN too! :-) So, why not have Giveaways with the GREAT shops out there? Here, you will! We have had many great giveaways and all have arrived safe to their new doll home.

3. Advertizing, is good for you and the person on the other line. You see the products, and the company has a lot of traffic from having their banner on my blog. {or blog traffic!}

4. Photos: To inspire you to take pictures and to play with your dolls more. Yes, go take them outside on a walk! ;)

5. MUCH MUCH MORE! Everything you can ever imagine under one blog. Your updates, news and sales are here, ready to be viewed by you.


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