Yay! Just found out I had some more questions! : D Please ask your questions by commenting here!

Why and when did you start your blog?
Well, I have a club called AGMarket (just for my state) and I explored all media. Facebook, NO. I made a blog and soon forgot about it because I didn't know the blogging world! (you guys!) THEN my mom found My American Girl,and I LOVE it! I just got inspired. + I LOVE to write and have a goal. I started it early this year (2012)

What do you love most about blogging?
Getting to know all of the shops that make things for 18 inch dolls items. Shout out to you Liisa!

How many dolls do you have?
I have seven. Well, sorta! I share Josephina, Gwen, and Victoria with my siblings. And Voilet, Rebecca and Felicity are my own. And my new doll Charlotte!

Do you have any blogging tips for beginners?
Stat true to yourself. You are either a good blogger or your not. Be unique. I love to visit blogs that are sleek and modern, not a bright rainbow!! ;)

On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your blog?
I rate my blog a nine. The only thing better would be for more followers. I love my blog, and hope you do too! I think that people ARE looking for a place to KNOW fashion and to KNOW the best places to buy!

Who are you dolls and what are their stories? {Great question!}

Rebecca: She is a girl being raised in 1914s. Her siblings are Katerina (Ruthie) and Evangaline (#55). Her father runs a factory for cotton blouses. Her mother is weak, from sickeness from Russia, so she stays indoors most of the time.

Josephina: Is from Mexico, and goes to Mexico often to make her famous Chile salsa and to take care of her flock of goats. She has one sister, Clara (custom Marisol). Her father died awile back from a unkown white trader and her mother (Custom Josephina) takes care of the farm.

Charlotte: Charlotte is a wealthy girl in the Civil war time. She enjoys wearing frills and lace and drinking tea! She misses her friend (Addy) dearly when she was taken to another plantation. She trys to help her friend Addy to be free. Her father is strict. Her mother (Caroline) is kind but has NO power.

Felicity: Her and her friend (Meckenna) are coming to American with their uncles on business. Meckenna's uncle disapears and they have to try to find him. Mckenna is GIRLY and so is Felicity. they currently are staying with Madam Lucas, in a fine parlor sipping tea.

Gwen: is from Sweden and a super good cook! I sometime come over to munch on her pumpkin coffee toffee cake... Uh, YUM! :) Her parents both died in a fire (sadly.) She is around the age of 25 and has a little girl herself. She is still in Sweden and makes a life by selling her garden veggies.

Victoria and Voilet - (as of right now) are my modern dolls... :)


What are the dolls on your Wishlist? Oh, wow. I have 26, yes 26. :) Lets just say they are all so unique and amazing. I would need to list them on a "Wishlist page",which should come in 2013.. :)

Do you recommend any of your dolls?  Yes, I do. I LOVE Rebecca, for older collectors, for her hair is a tad bit hard to take care of. But she is SUCH a beauty! I also think that Voilet is a very unique easy doll to take care of, also looks good in everything! Maybe I should do a review on them?

Are you planning to customize any dolls? Yes, I am. getting a TLC doll and making it my own is such a want. I have always liked red/black hair.. :)  Any ideas for places to look?

1. What do you do to help find inspiration to blog? Well, I think if you are excited to blog, it comes naturally. The settings, themes, photos, are already in your head ready for you to take action. But I also go on Pinterest to help find some inspiration. Etsy is also a go to place, and so is Youtube. :-) Also hanging out with other Blogger buddies inspires you to keep doing what you <3!

2. What do you think makes a good blog design? I think it HAS to look classy. Use two base tones, I used grey/black, and then a pop of color! I used purple. It has to look super chic nothing bright like a rainbow! :D


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  2. How many dolls have you sold? Just wondering, because I see some names on your doll bios that I didn't notice in the "My Dolls" page.