Monday, December 10, 2012

Into Posting, Get Warm for the Holidays, and the PERFECT pattern!

Ola! :) (What?!? Two posts in ONE day? YES! I love posting for you girls, HOPE your ready!)

First off, the Winter is SO chilly here, but it is only here for about 2 months then it gets burning (like 105 degrees).

When my parents went to Ireland, they brought me back a green (mustard kinda) scarf and fingerless gloves.
LOVED them! Trying to find them for Rebecca. Inspired by "Qute".

Helena Lace Cardigan Sweater - PDF Knitting Pattern For 18" American Girl Dolls

I auctully asked for this on my Christmas list. :)

Amelie Open-Front Cardigan - PDF Knitting Pattern For 18" American Girl Dolls  and Rosamund Beret - PDF Knitting Pattern For 18" American Girl Dolls

There are WAY more here:


Ok, so what color yarn do you like working on?

(Thanks to Pinterest for the pictures)

Yarn   Yarn  yarn!

These make my imagination SPARK! :)


Here is what I am wearing today:

Colored denim with boots is my "trendsetter" look. :)

This was at a funky store in our local town. :)


PLEASE take my survey on the side. :)
Wondering when Beast'sBelle is going to post about her Goodwill finds.
Wondering when my Trendy Dolls Shoes are coming.
Counting down the hours I can post for you tomorrow. :D
Please go check out "My Dolls Page" up on top.
Thanks for commenting on te font. I have kept it but made it bigger for those who have a hard time reading!

and all of that good stuff. :-)

Till then,

It is supposed to be a little curved... :D (for a funky, chic look)

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  1. Great post! Rebecca looks so pretty. And that yarn! Oh, it makes me want to knit a scarf or something! :D