Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ebay Purchase, Goodwill Find, and my thoughts on Addy.

Hi! :)

Posting has gotten so fun. The smallest thigns inspire me (today it is the font (lol) and Del from Delany Loves American Girl).

First off. I just BOUGHT an American Girl Dress. Addys Meet Dress for less than $7.00 ALL together BRAND NEW!

And I am bidding on an Addy doll. :) I LOVE her look and love the civil war.


Did all of you hear about our Goodwill find? We went to Goodwill and found "Steps High".

She is BEAUTIFUL! :)


I am SUPER into Historicals. ALL of my dolls are in a "story". I am soon going to be purchasing Addy and (possibly Caroline) for my Civil War room. Charlotte will be the "white" girl that trys to help her friend (who sadly, is a slave) Addy. I love this part of history and am inspired to grow even more into it with the help of Addy. Any thoughts?

P.S. Just making sure you are a follower! :)


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  1. Awesome! I hope you win! Sparks Flying looks great! :)