Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Trip (part one) with Rebecca

I really wanted to post this in one post, but when I looked at the pictures again, I was like "I am going to bore my followers". :)

SO, this is part one!


Hi! :) What a wonderful surprise to come back to 103 followers! :) THANK YOU! The giveaway is already scheduled, so watch for that.

I DID decide to take a doll... Rebecca was the lucky one!

Rebecca came in pig-tails! Her bouncy curls were not as bouncy as she got out of the car. :) She should of put them in like a bun or something, but hey! She looks cute :D

"Mom, the area is SO dry!"

Rebecca sneaked a bit of reading behind my back! This series is not very educational for young minds. ;)

Ok, so the AG magazine is not either, I gave her a budget, and it didn't work. :}

Her outfit was a shirt from AG, black flats from Springfield, and a skirt skirt from Playwonder!

Paige (also known as Chrissa, Brooke, and Grace) came along!

She brought her young baby, Aubrey!

SO DRY! Can you guess where we were?

My sibling brought Kit.

Rebecca got her bread all over her, it was a MESS!

BUT, I did not. :) This sandwich from "Sprouts" was SO good!


Finally, we arrived at our break stop, for a couple of hours of shopping!

So, I have no idea how this photo represents "shopping malls" but it was there and very unique. :)

Now, THAT is a nice bank! :)

It was very pretty there! :)
SO, that was part one!

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