Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pure beauty, and elegance. A Sylviandbruno review!

Goodness. The wind twirls around me, filling my head with new thoughts and ideas. Dolls walk up to me and fill my head with joy. One lucky doll wears the dress, the dress that makes her shine. Pretty shoes and accessories to match this perfect life.


Sylviandbruno has been a shop I have always loved. The photography, Jessie herself, and the amazing unique clothing that filled her shop!

Jessie sent me a wrap dress, all wrapped in tissue paper and a nice note.
Here is the hole where the piece of fabric goes thru.

Finished product. :)
Here is the wrap dress part. It is actually just a half circle, so classy yet simple!

Voilet looks so trendy in Saige's Boots, and a bowl of Christmas accessories. :P

 Get this: Everything is HAND SEWN.
The pattern is so pretty. A white base with green, pink, and red flowers. SO cute! The dress is linin/cotton .

Such an easy wrap around dress, that could be easily worn to a picnic, part, or any other perfect events!

It is knee length.
1. Hand sewn and great quality!
2. Love the print, I like that you can wear it to almost anything!
3. FAST shipping and Jessie is super sweet. :)
I don't really have anything to put here, maybe a possibly headband?
Sylviandbruno has just begun making "Hearts for Hearts Girls" clothing!
Thank you Jessie for this amazing opportunity!
Remember to check out her link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sylvieandbruno
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What doll do YOU think this would look good on? :)


  1. Nicki, (if you have her:)


    1. I don't have Nicki, but she WOULD look good in this! :)

  2. Adorable! We'll for sure be checking out this shop, thanks for sharing!