Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad news and my new ETSY shop! :)

Hi! :)

BAD NEWS: #55 came today (yes she is the doll I got). Totally not as described! I am re-selling her, I will post the link when I have time. :( (Don't worry, I am getting a new one)

1st round of EBAY stuff is up: CHECK IT OUT:


Yay! My new Etsy shop was made! :)

EVERYTHING that I think is chic, girly, and adorable will be going in here. Extreme prices! (in a good way!) I mean shoes and clothing for under $4.00.

Here is the link:

Please check it out!
I have a COUPON for you. Enter MYAMERICANGIRLSTORY at checkout and receive 15% off! :D

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I checked out both your Etsy shop and Ebay shop! Hope they sell well! :)
    You didn't like #55? :O How come?