Sunday, March 3, 2013

Complete an entire Civil War Family with these patterns!


Amazing historical patterns for all to create and make!

The civil war era, is by far one of my favorites.

Here are my favorites:

PDF Pattern for Civil War Era Day Dress 18 inch American Girl Doll

This for the mother, she bakes, does needle art, and attends the parlor. This dress is very classy in any calico print!

PDF Pattern for 1860s Sack Coat and Pants - Civil War Uniform for 18 inch "American Boy" Doll - Union or Confederate\

The father is in the war. He runs the army, and feeds his men! He comes home for Christmas dinner to see his wife and well trained girls!

PDF Pattern for 1850 Evening Dress with Tiered Skirt  for 18 inch American Girl Doll

The eldest daughter is going to a party, she was invited by the Mayors daughter! She wears her best.

PDF Pattern for 1850 Day Dress with Shirred or Smocked Sleeves for 18 inch American Girl Doll

This is the dress that the younger girls attend school in. They are wearing plaid, and simple winter colors.


See what I mean? What fun to create a whole family! Go sew!

Remember to get your patterns here:

Have a great day!

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  1. Wish I could figure out how to sew clothes:P Seeming as there are some AWESOME patterns out there... (like these ones:)