Monday, February 25, 2013



Yay! I am so excited I got her! I was super bummed about not getting her at the $50.00 sale, so when I saw her for sale for $50.00 shipped WITH items, I was running around wild!

Some pictures!

This is her just out of her box!

Her ringlets are in PERFECT condition! Now, the question is, will they be in a few months? :]

This shirt from Royal Doll Boutique on Etsy!

Sisters! :) (No not really, Addy and her are sisters!)

These shoes!
Ah. I am very happy with her. :) BUT I don't know if she will be staying, I mean, I like others better.... SO, thoughts?
I might do another post today. My question is. "Are two posts a day to much? "

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