Sunday, February 24, 2013

Berets are SO in style! (Fashion news from the girls!)

INCREDIBLE! New news is in from the "My American Girl Story" team!

{Voilet purple, Rebecca red, and Saige, orange!}

Morning folks!

This just in, an amazing new fashion trend!

Your going to love them!

BERETS! Fashionable in all colors... Tilt to the side for a urban look!


Today, I looked up some *berets* on Etsy, and thanks to our news crew, they are described!

American Girl Doll Slouch Beret Hat

RED! Is MY favorite color! :) I came in red, I look good in red, and it goes on! I like the droop on this, + it is only $5.00 here!


Rosamund Beret - PDF Knitting Pattern For 18" American Girl Dolls

For those of you who knit, like I do, this pattern (which retails for $3.75) is perfect for the winters, sitting by the fire knitting! SO trendy!



{Why am I always last? :P}

Crocheted Beret Hat and Spiral Scarf Set Dijon Mustard fits American Girl and 18" Dolls

This one comes with a scarf. Um, TRENDY!


The girls have many more to show you, but they really, need to get to their swim meet. :D

Here is OUR edit! (With our homeade beanie/beret)

What was YOUR favorite?


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  1. Ooo, those are lovely! I like the blue one the best - Rebecca looks so pretty in that picture! :)