Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Wonderland {some fun winter wear!}

Hi! :)

Now what do you think I am doing on a quiet Sunday afternoon? Well, just finished having tea and hazelnut chocolate while watching Property Brothers {HGTV}. Now I am at home, I am ALREADY BOOKED {well, almost!} till June for giveaways! :D Wow!!

I have reached 250 posts and will not stop! :)


First off, want to go ahead and share with you soem new things British Belles is bring to their shop. LOVE them! And the review we had with them was amazing!
American Girl doll regency (Jane Austen) era velvet cape and bonnet.  American Girl doll regency (Jane Austen) era day dress and shoes.  American Girl doll Regency (Jane Austen) era Poke Bonnet.

Beautiful work! I have two civil war dolls/regency {can't make up my mind!} + Felicity, so I always need new wear, so do you! All under $30.00. :)

Please check it out here:

Love you girls! <3!


Winter is {sadly} coming to an end. Even though Summer/spring have flip flops, shorts, and fun graphic tees, I sure do miss the boots, snow, and all the warm polka dot hats!! =)

SO, in memory of snow, (Because mine is melting) - we will do this photo shoot!

All images from Etsy!

American Girl White Organza Flower Doll Shoes - 18 inch doll clothes  American Girl Canopy White Sheer for 18" Canopy Doll Bed American Girl Caroline Winter White  & Ivory Roses Regency Made to Order American girl doll drink/ Two White Milks for 18 inch dolls  Made For American Girl Doll Clothes Hooded Zip Pullover White Polar Fleece American Girl Doll Fitted  White Long Sleeved Tee by Crazy For Hue

So many cute finds, JUST ON THE FIRST PAGE! :)

{Akward moment}.... *cough* :) I don't really have any winter doll clothing. I only have the Cozy Sweater Outfit, Rebecca's Black coat, and Felicitys riding outfit.

Felicity was the lucky one to go outside! :) First snow in 3 years!

Edit: Oh, goodness. Look like I deleted the photos by accident. :(

______________switiching to another addiction___________________

So, how of you all be doing? Dollygirl and Singer Storywriter have not repsonded for their sticker packs, so the first two people who comment below (if you havn't won anything in our last giveaway) and you will win! Good luck!! :D

I just did this super cute post over here, go check it out!

Have a great day! :D



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