Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Knit a doll hat, and new pants!

:) Afternoon to y'all!

I have just began watching "Lost" with my dad, sorta freaky, and I didn't get to sleep last night.... So, maybe I should watch Cinderella instead?!? LOL, just kidding! :D


Hope you are having a great day! I got a convo about this amazing pattern! :)

Thank you to Liz for sharing this with us!

Her Youtube:

Her Etsy:


New pants are in our shop "Downtwon Dolls!

Please check it out here!

18 inch doll The Mustard Seed Collection - "Captain Urban" Skinny JEANS


18 inch doll The Mustard Seed Collection - "Captain Urban" Skinny JEANS

{Yes, I agree, totally hip and TRENDY!!}


You girls are AMAZING! :) Thanks for making me inspired... to do big things, and to dream big with my dolls! :D

Here are some cool things about me {random more like it}.

1. I don't like anything greasy.
2. I have a sponsered child in Africa.
3. I LOVE smoothies! (or blackberries)
4. My favorite blog is going to post less. :(
5. I have really strange dreams.
6. I like nail polish but am not dainty and they NEVER come out nice!
7. I have more Instagram followers then blog followers.
8. Youtube is addicting {like those "opening videos"}
9. I try to be crafty... *Cough* :)
10. I HATE Facebook!
11. I have big ideas.
12. I save more than buy. I buy less then I used too... :)
13. I have SO many friends!!
14. I LOVE Drama and was Cinderella in a play!
15. My BFF got a phone! {I still have to wait till 16}
16. My dog is sleeping right now... {No, what??}
17. I am an urban fashionista!!
18. H & M is my favorite place to shop!
19. I do NOT LIVE in KY!! LOL
20. I do not like to travel.
21. I LOVE doodling!
22. Helping with the 4 year olds in church is amazing.
23. I want to keep going!
24. But you prob. have had ennough!! :D



Review of Rebecca, Josephina, or Voilet next? Comment Below!! ~> {lol, I made an arrow!!}

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  1. Lol, awesome post! You're so funny. :D I'd like to see a Josefina review. Wow, those pants look hard to make!