Thursday, January 24, 2013

91 Followers, Looking at our Sponsers, review with Trendy Doll Shoes and a photo-shoot!

Hi girls! :)

I am leaving to a larger city to do an American Girl auction like I do every 3 months. Wish me luck! :) So, this will eb the last post until maybe Sunday or Monday.

Thank you so much to Danielle for being my 91st follower! I love you girls SO much and am SO happy you are part of my blog. Thank YOU for reading!!

Thank you to all who said they LOVED my new design? I only have two words. "Thanks PicMoneky!!". :)


Lets look at our sponsers! {Their links our on our sidebar!}

PDF Pattern for 1860s Sack Coat and Pants - Civil War Uniform for 18 inch "American Boy" Doll - Union or Confederate This is one of the only boy clothign patterns that I have seen. This would be amazing for any historical boy doll! {Auctully I am getting quite inspired}

I know around 10 people that have gotten Caroline for Christmas. :) I jsut watched a ton of old fashion movies from that time and fell in  love. {Just like I do each time!}

PDF Pattern for 1790s Open Pelisse and Regency Dress for 18 inch American Girl Doll

Such an elegant pattern!

You can check out these amazing patterns that are truly old fashion , here:


I just recieved and AMAZING package from !!

The shoe quality was amazing. I will let you know when the review for that one comes up!

I had gotten a lot of sneakers.... here are some of my favorites!

Canvas Knee High Lace-Up Sneakers Boots Doll Shoes Cherry White for 18" American Girl dolls

Canvas Knee High Lace-Up Sneakers Boots Doll Shoes Alien Head for 18" American Girl dolls and Knee High Lace-Up Sneakers Boots Doll Shoes Leather Gold with White Dots for 18" American Girl dolls

For affordable and unique shoe options, please go to:


Next we have:

I don't know if y'all follow me on Instagram or not, but I sometimes post pictures of my outfits, and THESE OUTFITS are mini me's!

American Girl Doll Clothes -- Natural three piece

Sometimes natural is the way to go. Unique and CHIC don't always have to be BRIGHT!

American Girl Doll Clothes--Spring Pretty 3 piece


American Girl Doll Clothes -- Spring Dots - Navy

Ahh! I just spotted this and I'm going nuts! * AGMarket faints *

Check out these trendy items here:


Now onto my review with the Trendy Doll Shoes. I recieved a $25.00 giftcard to from a giveaway! Woot woot! So happy I won. I picked out the items and loved most of them when they arrived a few days later!

I ordered Sandals, Bronze slip-ons and brown boots.When I saw the brown boots in person I gave them away as soon as possible, they were extreamly cheap and not was a firm boot should be made of. The bottom was made of flimsy foam. :(

The sandals are a whole different thing! They are one of my favorites! VERY good quality, easy to put on, and totally trendy!

Easy to put on and off with a zipper.

I LOVE them! They were $8.00. A+

These shoes are adorable too! They have a girly touch to them, and I like that the color was Bronze, not Gold or brown. A great touch!

these have a small kitty heel!

Also easy to put on!

Both of them together!
The stock photos are NOTHING like the product, so make sure you get a review first on the items you like! :)
Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, comment below!
{This was one of my small reviews, I didn't go all into detail}.

Have a GREAT day! :)