Monday, January 28, 2013

Different rambles!

Hi again girls! :)

How are all of you? We have quite a few reviews coming up, DreamWorld Collection, "Songs of Hope" and a giveaway. :D

Talking about giveaways, Jessica is having a GREAT one. :D

If you have recently emailed me, sorry for the delay. I have been super busy and the amazing hangouts with family and friends are not helping. :P


Blogger is not allowing me to show you Pinterest & Ebay photos, so we will have to go another route. :)

*I will be selling some stuff on Ebay soon, stay tuned for the link *

These are two out of the seven tables of 18 inch doll items for sale. I bought SO many things. I am afraid I went a TAD bit over my budget, :} Not my fault, right? *cough*

I will share more news about that later! :D


This post was a tad bit shorter than I wanted it to be.... :)



  1. Cool! I am going to be selling all of my magazines on ebay soon as well. I emailed you about L.A. details - what do you think? :D

  2. How do we get to the giveaway on Jessica's blog????


    1. Oh, and I see Saige on the Mantel (does that mean you have her???)

    2. You can go my blog at: Or click on my profile. Thanks! :)