Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Back! {A picture post all about rambling!} and crafts!

Woot woot! :) {Yes, I am two days early, but I missed you and cannot wait to tell you more!!}

So, I took my blogger break, and it was SO relaxing! I took my tests, and got TONS of ideas for future posts. I would like to thank EVERYONE who did the survey, I loved reading your answers! :)

MOST of you asked for crafts, SO I am getting back into that {Tiny cheer!} :P.

Here are some amazing crafts for the week!

Karenmomofthree is am amazing blogger and GREAT crafter! I am NOT a crafter, so this Garden bed is brought to you by KAREN.

Please go check that out!


I have a TON of opening videos coming. I have received things from Ebay, Etsy, and Kkollect!


Every three months, I go up to a larger city in my state for an American Girl Auction. We have over 300 items and 1/3 are AG brand! I am looking into purchasing Honeys PJs, and maybe loft bed (Journey Girls). I have some extra money, so I am looking forward to meeting my doll lovers, that I miss so much!

I also hope to go to Toys R Us, to see their Journey girls.... I kinda am in love with their look! :P Ugh, I can't decide what to do! How many dolls to get in my lifetime, or if I should save my money... :D

Then I am going to see Saige in PERSON! (and all of her things). This doll collector is selling Saiges collection at her doll store and so yes, we are excited. XD

Not to mention getting Josephinas loom on Craigslist for $6.00 brand new! And going to some Flea Markets.....

So, yes, this week is full of AG! :) {Shouldn't be a problem though!} :P


 Yup! Sorta like a ramble, but in pictures! :)


Have to go on a walk!!