Saturday, December 15, 2012

A post from Rebecca: "My daily life and Ebay finds"

Hi girls! :)

 I was reading my survey and one (or two) of you wanted Rebecca to write to you in her own words + post about Ebay finds! :)

So, without further ado, REBECCA:


Finally, :-} I get a chance to type up my world... He, he. Let the fun begin!

My mom is like SO against me going on the computer, she says I am a 1914 girl and tells me I have no idea how to do the computer (well, yeah, some of the spelling is hard and I once deleted my message and had to redo it again.) BUT she listens to her followers, so thank you for that. ;)

{First off, whoever wanted me to post is amazing, thank you dearly for that!}

Most of you have another Rebecca, JUST like me, but I am still unique. I wanted to go ahead and tell you about my room that my mom is trying to make for me... Let us see if we can find all of the pieces on the internet..

 This color. My mom (AGMarket) got these AMAZING dish clothes from Ikea that we (Or should I say Felicity, because I am SO not a sewer.) :D is sewing!

 This is sort of the bed that I had. I got it at a yard sale for $2. I am a total thrifter. Looks like I got my moms spunk in me about that! ;-}

I also have this ADORABLE side table! American Heritage End Table - Black This one is the most close to the one I have.

Adorable right? Yes, of course! I am also going to be putting my phonograph in here so I can dance a waltz with my sisters Evangeline and Katerina... :) Yay!


Any Ebay-ers (is that a word??) out there? I don't Ebay, like ever, what if the shirt I buy doesn't fit me? Well lets just say Charlotte is an Expert! Seems like there is a packedge coming in the mail to her EVERYDAY! LOL.... Anyway, some Ebay finds....

Charlotte and I buy from a Singapore seller, AG clothing for cheap!

Here are just a few.

American Girl Doll Meet Kailey Sundress AMERICAN GIRL RETIRED 1Pcs    Samantha American Girl Tag Doll Tea Dress, Lace Bib, Hair Ribbon RETIRED 3Pcs   Kit American Girl Doll Wool Winter Coat + Belt 2 Pcs NEW  Kirsten American Girl Nightgown Pajamas American Girl Tag for Doll RETIRED  Felicity American Girl NightShift,Cap, Mules AMERICAN GIRL RETIRED 3Pcs

All of these for UNDER $10.00.

{Ebay link}


Have a great day! :)

(message to Azure: My momma is REALLY happy to have a new follower! :) )


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