Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hobbit Movie Review! {and some prayers}

Yay! I went to the Hobbit Movie last night! {No, not the midnight showing}

First off, get yourself in the Hobbit mood with some AMAZING "girl hobbit" clothing!

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Nice, eh? {website}

The Hobbit-
We saw our movie at 5:10 last night, got there ONE HOUR early. We were the first ones there and had amazing seats, no big guys ever got in front of us and ruined the whole thing. ;) I was sorta not in the mood (I am starting a fever, or Maybe it is done?) The sound was PERFECT {The Avengers, they had the entire theater like on "LOUD".... :( }

What is it about?
A hobbit fellow who goes on an adventure to help the dwarfs find and win their homeland back from a horrible dragon Smaug! Bilbo (I keep calling him biblo!...) finds a ring while be surrounded by goblings, and excapes, well, barely! :) It is full of fun and such a quest that you will NOT be let down! :)

I just LOVE the Elves! So peaceful and such.
Bilbos manners when he says " We need to go back, I forgot my hankie" ... :)
The settings of the story, such a beautiful place full of green grass and blue skys.

It got a little ruff... I mean a lot of blood and fighting! :-)


I have some prayers, please, please pray for these tonight.

1. My Grandpa is CA, who just found out he has cancer, and he is at the worst stage.

2. For all of the children and teachers who lost their lives yesterday in the Connecticut Shooting.

3. I feel better and healthier. ;)


  1. Now I really want to see that Hobbit! :D And yes, I will pray for you, your grandpa, and the Connecticut students and teachers. It is so sad. :(

  2. I saw the Hobbit too! I kept laughing. Remember the um. [SPOILER ALERT] part where they have 'virus' and how they are like 'I don't have a virus' then 'I HAVE A VIRUS!' [SPOILER ALERT OVER] IT WAS HILARIOUS! :P not just hilarious. But I love all the funny parts.

  3. About the prayer:

    1. I will pray for him! What type of cancer? My Grandpa died a few years ago of pancreatic cancer. :(
    2. I don't know how anyone {Whether in their right mind or NOT} could kill innocent Kindergartners! I want to help those poor parents. :(
    3. I hope you get better soon!