Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New doll! (and an Instagram photoshoot!)

Hi'ya! :-)

I was bidding on this type of doll like 20 times, FINALLY I get the doll for $48.00, it good condition. Can you guess which one? The winner gets a shout-out to her blog!

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Photoshoot with Charlotte (the doll by BFF got me for an early Christmas present). :)

As you all know, Charlotte is my Civil war doll and I LOVE her! Her outfit which is soon to be reviewed, is from starheartcreations from Etsy.
{She is currenty laying down flowers for the poor children and teachers who died on Friday}
Lets see, what else do I have to tell?
Oh, I have been sick. :( So glad I didn't get a lot! I am (I think) recovered, and now I can fully play with my dolls AND have the Christmas season".
Thought I would show you some funny (lol, laughing already!) Pinterent pictures.
American Girl Dolls - if my dolls survive that long! XD
And I replied: "If my dolls live that long". :) :P lol
Some other cute things:
{Not all doll related)
Hunger Games Wedding - fun find!
Hunger Games inspired wedding!
White Rose cake - :D
Stunning Photo! Fly Away Pt. 1 -- Graphic Tee Shirt. via Etsy.
Best picture EVER!

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American Girl Doll Clothes - Gathered Denim Skirt, Floral Top, and Leather Belt.
URBAN! :) The shoes are amaing {I am gasping for breath}


Well, hope you had (and still having) an awesome day!

Wowzer, did I forget to tell you the most awesome think in this post? {Yes, I do that}.
My grandmas friend came over yeseterday and said that are presents FROM AMERICAN GIRL are coming today (that she bought us). Yippee! I was shocked, I didn't even know if she knew my greates desire, DOLLs!

Ok, NOW I have to go! :D