Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Instragram, Google + and a look at a unqiue shop!

Hello! :) I am all dressed in my costume, GO ON MY INSTRAGRAM TO SEE IT.

Happy Holloween!

I got an Instragram, you should get one too! It is only something that you can have with a phone, luckily, my moms phone can have the app. Please follow me at "agmarket". : D You will get to see different pictures ONLY for you!

AND the Google +, this will be great. So please follow me there too!


Lots of amazing quality historical wear!

Here are some of my favorites,

Josefina's Camisa Outfit-fits 18 Inch American Girl Doll     Historical Dress for Addy or Marie-Grace-fit 18 Inch American Girl Doll

Addy's Holiday Dress-fits 18" American Girl Doll Addy Those are just a few!

Click here for a full link to her shop!

We are having a review too with this shop.


Pen-Pal Girls review will be up tomorrow or Friday. Stay tunes y'all!

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