Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now thats Glitter - a sparkly review with PenPal Girls!

Hi! :-)

A month ago I recieved this amazing outfit from Pen-Pals Girls! :D I am going to review this outfit, and possibly do a giveaway with it next year, (but I love it so I don't know yet!)

These pictures are the stock pictures of the items I recieved.

star doll, doll dress up, doll star, Our Generation, American Girl, doll stuff, play dolls, dressing dolls  and a pair of sparkly flats!

Aileen is the person that contacts me and she is super sweet! I thank PenPal (Tina!) girls for the amazing outfit and great service!


Letter from Founder (Tina) :

Dear Families,
Our creation of PenPalGirls® (PPG) comes from my experience of moving to a foreign country, knowing little English and even less about American culture. In a land of sunny blondes, I craved for people to understand the customs and flavor of my culture. Now my own daughters and yours can have the opportunity to experience not only my Chinese heritage but also the Russian, Australian, French and many cultures of the world that enrich and define not only our lives but our souls. This is the American melting pot that we are all a part of.
On our website, you will find many items from around the world that I have cherished over the years. I hope you enjoy our stories through letters and that in this day of texting, your children will fall in love with the expression of written letters and that letter writing will be revived. We hope PenPalGirls allows your family to experience the diversity that enriches all our lives and that your daughters enjoy the dolls as much as we do.
Founder, Tina



Picture time!



All of the girls above look so happy! : D (I would too with a doll like that!)

Alright lets get started!

The dress:

"I think I am going to swoon!"

A little blurry, but you get the point!

  The dress is a thin fabric with sequins all over it. Black sequins, white ones, and some even navy blue. The dress has short sleeves and is REALLY easy to get on! Looks amazing (as I said) on Victoria because her black hair matches nicely. But Rebecca, and the other girls are trying to snatch the dress for themselves, all that being said - the dress would look great on any doll! I added a cardigan for something more casual, and then black heels for a fancior look. NONE of the sequins have fallen off, so I am sure the quality is pretty high! The dress is short, going to about the dolls knees. My mom loved it too! It is very sparkly and a night on the town would do this dress good!

  I tried different lighting, and different backrounds.


The shoes:

The soal of the shoes are made from foam and are very light. Very pretty! They have LITTLE yellow sequins attached.

The thing that worried me is that the shoes don't really match the dress, so I paired them with something else.

The drawing Victoria is standing on, I drew.


I thought the outfit would come with a hair thing, because for $28 it is a little pricey. But, I have extra hair ribbons, so no problem! JUST something for you to think about.

The price:
$28 - I think it is a medium price.

What it came with: The dress, the shoes, 2 postcards (which I WILL be using!) and a cute envelope that the outfit came in. Very special!

Quality: Good. Will last awile.

Service: Outstanding! LOVE it! Arrived fast and the Aileen is very sweet.

Thank you Pen-Pal Girls!:) My family LOVES your products!

The website:

Enter livelifewithyouragdoll and get an EXTRA outfit at checkout. The outfit is picked randomly (but with so many great outfits, no worrys!). There is no expiration date.

Check out their facebook, twitter, and Pinterest!

I hope that we will be able to review more of your products for the future.


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