Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun photo shoot with Victoria - and a shirt you will LOVE!

All is well I hope!

This is a scheduled post! Hope you enjoy this awesome review!


So this is a review and a photoshoot. :) Yay! Lets take a look at who our sponser is.......

"The Beach Shack" offers many t-shirts, outfits, and boy clothing for any collection! Syd sent me three wonderful t-shirts to review AND to giveaway. :) Someone is going to be lucky! She said I could keep the one that is my favorite, THIS one is! I was so excited, that the same day I got it, I took a photo shoot!

A fun photo-shoot with Victoria, my doll that looks great in 'plum' purple!


Don't you notice that she is wearing the plum purple shirt that I told you about 3 weeks ago?

So organic looking! :D

"Mom, this is so tiring!"

"I wish Christmas would come sooner"

I like them a lot! And the lighting wasn't that bad, so I am inspired to actually go out there and do another one! LOL
The pictures below are inspired by the "Spiceys"! The backround, the angle, everything! Thanks for the inspiration girls! :D

This might become my new profile picture! ;)

So, now on to the review:
The shirt is good quality and very durable!
The shirts are very reasonable!
New styles all the time!
Great fit!
Wonderful A+ service!
A little fuzzy?
Smells like smoke (or is it woodburner?)
Have a wonderful night! (or day!)


  1. Which giveaway? :) We are currently having three different ones....

  2. OH! This giveaway with these shirts. Well, I have to do the review on the others and maybe next year the giveaway. Because we have 3 other giveaways happening towards Christmas! PLEASE share about my blog. :)

  3. Cool! Victoria looks great! :)