Thursday, October 25, 2012

A post written by Rebecca! :D

Good morning!

Yes, it is me Rebecca. My mom recently took down the dolls profile page, I got really sad about that, I mean, I really want to stay in touch with y'all! ;)

SO, my mom said I could do a post, yippee! (I am thinking about sneeking on the computer once in awile to do this!)

So quick! Learn about me:

Rebecca Rubin
Loves healthy food!
Lactose intolorent (just like my mom!)
Love pink, but not PINK PINK. XD LOL
Loves the computer
Has a dog and two kittens.

Alright, now onto the fun things.


Fashion spirit sense!

dark red women's Princess style cape Coat jacket with belt autumn winter coat  jacket cute coat dy15 M-XXXL This dress is so classy (anything with a belt is a must have!). Guess the price! Normally something like this from Athropologie would be like $199.99/ BUT it is a low price of $49.99.


Two more:

women's Princess style cute bow Fitted Wool  Coat jacket yellow dy02 S-XL

women's gold coffee silk Chiffon 8 meters of skirt circumference  long dress maxi skirt qz02  This skirt reminds me of project runaway!


Momma had been writing a lot of really interesting posts! Here are some of my favorites:

A new twist on a doll post!
200 tag, know more about my mom!
Dreamworld collections review!

What is to come? (momma filled me in!)

Pen-Pal Girls Review (maybe next week)
T-shirt review (later this week)
Crepes (when I get the pictures I uploaded)

an awesome giveaway with Kellees Kreations when we get 85 followers! PLEASE share the news!


Sorta random:

Do any of you watch TV? My mommas family doesn't watch TV, because they don't have cable. But when they go over to their Grandpas house (French side), we watch TV there!

I like: Long Island Meduim, Shark Tank, Four weddings, Resturant Stakeout, Resturant Impossible, Extreame Couponing, American Pickers, and a lot more!


When dolldress patterns, DreamWorld Collections, and Pen-Pal Girls have new items, I'll be sure to tell you! (or I guess my momma!) Remember "My American Girl Story" has all the fashion, reviews, and giveaways you'll ever need!

I am making a FAQ page, PLEASE ask your questions below!

Kath you have ONE day to claim your prize!


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  1. Hi Rebecca! Neat post. Those outfits are really cool. I watch TV too! I like American Idol, The Amazing Race, Disney Channel, and The X Factor. G2G! Write me!

    Love, Rosalyn :)