Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An awesome new website, saving YOU money!


Holloween is coming! : D I never liked Holloween because of the sweets and all of the "items from hell". :( Sorry!


Springfield Collection — up to 40% off

Dedicated to creating quality dolls with lifelike features, the Springfield Collection is inspired by fun and fashionable girls everywhere. Like each and every girl, these sweet dolls all come with a unique personality and story. Springfield also knows that girls like to stay stylish and has designed a collection of sophisticated outfits to suit every occasion

Yay! New website folks!

Cheap prices on a lot of your favorites:

and furniture and DOLLs!

Send me an email to or comment here so I can invite you to the website.

HINT: I am doing some shopping, (wink) for the blog!



  1. Hello! I believe I just invited you! (might of landed in the junk pile!)