Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hi'ya girls! :)

This post is going to be amazing for you to read!

You know when we got Voilet and Grace from Goodwill on a SUNDAY? Well, we thought we would go back today and see if there were any dolls, and YES, here comes a Just Like You Doll!

Her name is Victoria Lee, her mom is French and her dad is from Japan. :) On her neck "Pleasant Company" it stamped. She was priced at $4.00. :O

Here are some pics:

I will do a complete review on her when I get a chance. :)

I got awared several time by wonderful viewers! :) Thank you very much!

Here are some reviews to be expected.

A table and chairs set, a room from American Girl room, Outfit from PenPals girls, a giveaway with Doll Dress pattern , and so many more! (a total of 30).

Have a wonderful day! :D



  1. Wow! You are so lucky! I hope I find a doll at Goodwill one day!

  2. She's beautiful! Like Kassidy, I want to find an AG doll at a thrift store one day. The only problem is there's only one near me and it's a small one, so there aren't many toys at all. Just clothes.

  3. Wow, cool! Is this one yours or your sisters? Now i really want to go to Goodwill to see what I can find! :D

  4. Hello Kassidy - Thank you! I would go on Sunday, because most people drop off their items on Saturday because they do a lot fo errands. :)

    September: I love your name! :) I know a doll that would look great with that name. :) We used to live in a bigger city, and there was NOTHING AG. This Goodwill has lots of clothing, junk and VERY little toys, so don't give up! :D

    Jess: We are sharing it :)

  5. Wow another doll thats great,in the place I stay which is India its back-wards most of the people don't know also what is a thrift store so there is no thrift store here :( AGMarket your posts are really cool nowadays :)

  6. hello Asmita! :) Thank you so much! I love posting becuase a lot of you are so appretiate of the time I spend. :)