Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AG Place Denver! :)

Hello Doll Lovers! :D

As most of you know I am able to go to Denver in October each year because my dad has business there. Aside from Denver having an AG store, they have Lego Stores, and lots of great shopping!

One question for you....

* Will you be in Denver October 12th? * I would love to meet you at the AG store..... Comment letting me know, or you can email me! Thanks Girls for letting me know soon!!

Do you think I should get my dolls hair done? Or should save the money for a purse for Felicity? Shoudl I bring Voilet or Rebecca? What outfit should they wear? Should I get a creative tee???

Thanks for your help! :D

P.S. In the next couple of days I will name the awesome Etsy shops that have earned the award! The categories are:
1. Best presentation
2. Colorful/fun/unique
3. Good price and quality
4. Voted by the public
6. Best pattern
7. Yummy looking food!
8. Best furniture!


  1. Darn, no I won't. At least I do not think so... I will most likely be at my grandparents house.

  2. I wish I could, but I live far from that one. If you ever go to the Dallas or Houston one, I might could!

  3. Katie: Ahh!!! :( Maybe your grandparents could drop you off real quick?? I udnerstand. :) LMK if you chance your plans.

    Delaney: :( I am so sad! I will think about that. We might end up going there next year, + we could visit Emma and Hannah from AG fun!!! XD

    Thanls girls for commenting!

  4. I know!!! I so wish I could go!! My grandparents live in utah :(