Saturday, September 8, 2012

Please read! :)

Hello Girls!! :) (moms too!)

Sorry for not posting on Thursday, Friday, or late today. My dad had a surgry.... :(

Lots of updates! :D (again, right??) LOL


First off:

Remember the jacket that we featured here?

Black Quilted Jacket, Fits American Girl and 18 Inch Dolls

It sold to my lovely friend Hannah who saw it on my blog and loved it! :)


Look at this outfit!

American Girl Doll Ruffled Rose Outfit  This picture makes me want Evangaline (the doll number 55) even more! Look at her - I <3 her outfit too!! :D


This outfit includes a sweet rose ribbon headband, a short sleeve knit top, and a soft ruffled skirt. The skirt has an elastic waistband and the shirt closes in the back with velcro. The headband is made out of ribbon and has a piece of elastic in the back to make it easy to get on and off. Seams are finished with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. These pieces can be mixed and matched with other outfits for great versatility!

This outfit was made by me in my smoke free home. It will fit American Girl dolls or other similar 18 inch dolls. The shirt was made with a modified Liberty Jane T-shirt pattern and the skirt pattern is my own.


Shout out to their lovely shop! ;)


Guess what it at my local Craigslist!?!?!

For $100 OBO.......



View sonali.jpg in slide show (sorry pic is so small! :) ) Isn't she pretty? She is $90 OBO....

What do you girls think I should do? Make an offer? or hold off? Because this money will come out of things to be bought in Denver......


And last but not least......

Thank you so much to my 52 followers! It means so much to me that you care what I am writing about...

Remember Spicey love? We all are helping them reach their goal of 100 followers! (now thats some blog love!). I would really LOVE to grow this blog even bigger.

We have a GIVEAWAY and a couple of surprsies waiting for you, but we NEED (would like!) 100 followers.. PLEASE share the blogger love and tell your friends, your family, cousisn, everyone!!

Thank you so much girls! This means a lot, and I cna't wait to blog more about my dolls for you to read!! :D

Have a lovely day,

(the "Meet Molly" from Goodwill post might come up soon (for delany)....)



  1. I'm looking forward to some more posts from you ;)

    I really love your site, your finds from GoodWill inspire me to keep on lookin!


    1. Thank you Kassidy! :) It means a lot to me to hear your comment. Have a nice day and thanks for viewing! :D

  2. Cool! Evangeline looks so pretty in that outfit!
    Wow, that's a pretty good find! (Chrissa and Sonali) Hmm...I don't know. Do you like one doll over the other? What are you planning on buying at the AG Place (or do you know?)
    ~ Jess :)

    1. Yes, she does! :) Thats why I like it so much, I am already getting some clothing for Evagaline.

      I LOVE Sonali, so I might sell Chrissa for a brand new price on Ebay....... I am planning on buying tons of stuff (liek $200)...... but I could lower it. With the auction coming up, I will be making some money......

  3. Cool! Can't wait for more posts! The coat is cute, and so it the outfit on Evangeline, she's so pretty! I love Chrissa and Sonali! I also think they are a good deal :)

    By the way, I awarded you!

    1. :) Thanks for the comment. I LOVE Evangaline, so hopefully I can get her for Christmas... but a camera caught my eye... :/ LOL :D

      Thansk for the award! It means a lot! :)

      Ok, It helps a lot to hear you say that. I am taking a look at them on Saturday...

  4. I hope your dad is doing better! :) BTW, I thought I'd tell you that I nominated you, but it looks like Alyssa already beat me to it! Anyways, here's the link:

    Regarding Chrissa & Sonali, I think you should definitely consider it. A deal like this doesn't come everywhere. I hope I helped!

    1. Hello Dakota-

      Thank you so much for the kind thoughts about my dad. He is not feeling to well, but I think the surgry helped! :)

      Thanks for the award! I LOVE your blog and I love the way you say "where doll fun blossoms" LOL. LOVE it! :)

      Want to be pen-pals? or email pals? :) You can let me know.

      Thanks for the advice- I will keep you posted! :)