Thursday, August 30, 2012

New AG Things!

Hi! :)

A lot of you asked me to show you all my sisters doll Molly (that she just got from Goodwill). I am still working on that post!

New AG things:

Photo: Facebook exclusive: Sneak a peek at the newest My American Girl styles and playsets, including a 2-in-1 skating outfit, a cozy chalet and more — all available soon online and at American Girl stores!

I like the snowbarding/skiing outfit! :) The little caib is cute, proably will be around $150. The like (not love) the two in one skating outfit. And the white outfit is my sisters favorite, SO - GREAT JOB AG! :D

Some fun AG photos from Google:





I am working on alot of different posts! :) So don't get bored!



  1. Ohhhh the 2 outfits on the bottom look like new releases???

  2. :: Hi! Emma! :) I think they are retired, but they COULD be coming out. :D I love them! I had never seen them before..... Guess we gotta wait till September 4th! :D Thanks for commenting!

  3. That bed is stunning!!!!
    I like the white outfit, too.

  4. Thanks Girls! :) Those bottom outfits might be coming out because a forum was sharing them., lets hope! XD Have a nice afternoon!