Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Etsy love and news about Caroline! :D

Hi people! :D

Good morning!

In less then a month, summer will be at an end. :( So make sure you get these sundresses in your closet to hog a little more summer! :D

First things first, lets start off with a beautiful outfit from

She has around 80 different types of dresses for you to choose from all under $10! :O

Pretty Wrap Dress for Your American Girl Doll

My first favorite is this one. :) I lvoe the color combo (did I mention my favorite colors were green and sage?)

Fun wrap-top dress handmade for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll. This dress has a cross-over wrap top with lined bodice and full skirt.
The designer fabric is from the McKenzie Collection by Dena Designs

Guess what? The dress was made from a Liberty jane Clothing Pattern!

and onto another one (this one could work for fall use too!)

Pretty Wrap Dress for American Girl Doll

See what I mean? Very classy (worn with a pair of black flats or balck heels)!

So...... like these dresses? I sure do!

Check out the link below:

She has sold over 500 dresses and she had 100% postive! :)

Shout out Lynn for her great shop!


I didn't put this in the title but I am thinking about doing Etsy rewards thing. One a month I name 3 different shops that have earned three different rewards.

Good buy (great price and quality is good)
You vote for one!

What do you think?


Go to right now and find a Caroline video! :O




  1. I love Dresses For Dolls! Such pretty outfits! :)

  2. Very pretty! When will you post about Molly?

  3. Thanks girls for commenting! :)

    Delaney: what about Molly? Is she expiring?

    1. I think she means when will you do a profile post about your new doll Molly. Like you did with Violet.

    2. Yeah, and can we see pictures? Or was she in really bad condition so you gave her away?

    3. Oh! :) Thanks for clearing that. :) She was in great condition! My sister owns her (because I got to keep Voilet) but I will take some pics and maybe they will be up in the next couple of weeks.