Friday, August 31, 2012

141 posts, Purple dress, and some pictures!

Hey! :)

Today is my update day!

All the little things (except for some awesome etsy things) that couldn't be posted... :)


First off: ETSY TIME! (It is still Etsy week!)

Purple Bell Dress for 18" Dolls

Some girls suggested that I locate some purple dresses on Etsy.... This one is super cute!

Extra info: Beautiful purple and white dress has delicate print with shimmering purple trim and bell sleeves. Fits Madame Alexander, American Girl, or any other 18" dolls. Dress has velcro closures.

For $10.99 you can have it! Here is the link:


Youtube News....

Yes, I started a Youtube! PLEASE remember that I do blogs and then a small Youtube account. I am not based on Youtube. Thank you! :D

You can check out my videos (which may not be there yet) when I post the link....

Please rate, subscribe, and comment! XD


We are at 141 posts! :O OMG! Thank you so much girls for listening or I wouldn't be this far. :)

I forgot to post on my other blog yesterday! :( :) Just plain busy!

We went to a victorian house for dinner last night, YES I took pictures!!

I have a surprise for you! :) Giselle and I will let you know in a month or so...... He he, I love surprises! :D


Some amazing pictures with Grace yesterday.

Is the lighting perfect or what?

Sorry for this one being sideways! :(

Have a lovely day! :) I hope I will be able to post tomorrow!



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