Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy Fashion Post! - QualityDollClothes

Hello Doll lovers! :D

I was searching Etsy (I always am searching something!) and came accross an Etsy shop that makes little coats!! :D Since fall is coming up, you will need to start getting some Winter wear.

Starting off with the coats/jackets.

Black Quilted Jacket, Fits American Girl and 18 Inch Dolls

This one would look cute with a pair of jeans.....

Black and White Four Piece Jacket Set, Fits American Girl and 18 Inch Dolls

This one is an outfit. Here is the description:
* The black and white patchwork cotton quilted JACKET has a lined hood (with the blouse fabric) and closes with three snaps (with silver metallic buttons on top).
* The white peasant BLOUSE has black flowers on the cotton fabric. There is elastic around the neckline and the ends of the long sleeves.
* The SKIRT is made with black denim. It has elastic around the waist and a white flower on one side.
* To complete this set are LEGGINGS made with white polyester knit fabric. They have elastic at the waist.

Now onto an outfit!

Jeans and Teal Damask Hooded Blouse, Fits American Girl and 18 Inch Dolls

Cute hoodie right?? I think so!

* The flared denim JEANS have a waistband that snaps in the back. A teal butterfly button on one leg and lots of double stitching accent these jeans.
* The princess-styled BLOUSE is made with white cotton fabric that has a teal damask print on the fabric. It has a hood and short puffy sleeves with elastic at the ends. There is elastic around the back and sides of the waist and it has a front velcro closure.

Thank you QualityDollClothing for letting us use your photos and sharing your outfits with us!

Check out their shop here!!

Have a wonderful day! :D

P.S. I am totally busy with school again (even though we go year round, we work super hard during this time of year. But I am still posting!

Oh, and I got a Youtube. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I am not bases on Youtube. I run a blog, with SOME videos on Youtube. Check it out here!


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