Monday, August 20, 2012

Voilet coming home from GOODWILL! :D

Hello Girls! :)

Doesn't the title sound exciting? It is! We went to Goodwill found an AG doll (not one but 2!). One is Molly (we will talk about that later), and the other is a Just Like you. She is beautiful! :D

The story:
We had thirty minutes until we had to go to lunch with our Grandpa, so we decided to go to Goodwill to look for some excerise pants for mom. My mom was searching thru the racks of clothing. We decided to talk on over to the toy section! (thank goodness we did!).... I see these little feet sticking out. I knew (well some what) that they weren't a Madam Alexanders feet. I was thrilled (and so amazed) that an AG Molly doll was there, YES she was in bad condition, but not the worst. We went (leaping with joy!) to show my mom! She was very surprised. We went back to the toy section to see if she had come with any clothing. No clothing, but another AG doll! :O

Of course we took both of them! :) They were $8 each, but on that day they were having a 50% off sale on everything, so we ended up getting them for $4 a piece.

Voilet (the Just Like you Doll) is in brand new condition! She doesn't have a single scratch on her (excpet for the sticky part where they put the price sticker), and her hair is SO soft and shiny. What a find! Her last name is Anderson. She is the twin of Rebecca.

Molly was a TLC doll, her hair was horrible and so many scratches!! :( But we fixed her up and she looks amazing...... I never noticed that Molly is auctully really cute (with her brown hair and bangs). The glasses make her look completly different! (don't have any pics of her yet). We renamed her Grace Jamie Williams.

Pics of Voilet!! :D

OMG! Why are they backwards?!? So sorry girls!

Have a wonderful night! :)


P.S. I hope this inspires you to never give up hope! (of finding 18inch doll items for super cheap). This just inspired me to keap searching! I will keep you posted. ;)


  1. Congrats!!! What a great find.

    ~ Sophie ~

  2. Thanks Girls! ;) Good luck finding some AG!

  3. WOW! That's the MAG I have been wanting! Either her, or 33, or Rebecca will be my next doll, or maybe GOTY 2013!