Monday, August 6, 2012

Colorful Blog Award! :)

Hello!! :)

Katie at awarded me (well pretty much anybody) for the Colorful Blog award! :) Yay!

1. Thank the person who gave the award (unless you're seriously bummed that you got the award) and leave a link.

Thank you Katie! :)

2. Why did you get a blog?
Because I love to talk! :) (about dolls, fashion, ME!!!, and etc.) I also love the internet.... :D

3. What is your favorite animal?
I would say my rabbit, Butterberry! :-)

4. What inspired your blog template?
Esty! I love the unqiueness that Etsy brings, and I loved the colors and pictures I used. I think it is colorful but chic at the same time!

5. What is/are your favorite color(s)?
Sage!! :)

6. What is your favorite thing about your blog?
My followers!:D

7. What's your favorite blog?
To many to list! (some include priyas blog, Roses, Jess's, Emma's, Hannahs, another Emmas!! OMG, so many more!).

8. Award five people this award:

Jess- at
The Wright Girls- at
Emma- at
Pretty Lily - at
and Priya - at
and Rose at -

Have a nice night!

Giveaway prize(s) (yes, more than one!) came in today..... Please be patient while we set up the giveaway! :D