Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MIGURLZ CLOTHING Review! (plus giveaway details!)

Hello Girls, Dolls, Photagraphers, and doll lovers! :D

I went to the post office yesterday, and guess what I found?? The giveaway prize- wrapped up in a nice box and tissue paper! XD

I first found MIGURLZ CLOTHING while browsing Liberty Jane Patterns! I loved her style and I thought her creativity was wonderful! I decided to convo her about doing a review or giveaway!

Cathy, the owner (and sewer!) of MIGURLZ CLOTHING, is so sweet! We decided we would do a review, and then a giveaway! :)

And of course I HAD to put the outfit on Rebecca! :) She is amazing in everything and she loves to get dressed up! :D

You can see the design of the shirt in this picture, so beautiful! This is a one of a kind outfit! When I told Cathy she had beautiful clothing, she said she would like to sponser a giveaway! She made this outfit JUST for My American Girl Story! :O

The jeans are SO detailed! The jeans have pockets! (yay) ;)

Now the outfit all together looks sorta of French (I say that a lot, don't I??). I like the black boots with it! She looks like a little rockstar! :) (Did I mention this would be a great back-to-school look??)

 What is included: A beautiful black (see-thru) shirt, with white flowers, and blue centers! (Some of the flowers have a little blue sparkle added to them!. I also LOVE the button part, it looks like buttons, but really it ties with velco! Easy and Chic!  Grey Fitted (and I mean fitted!) jeans. The detail in this outfit is so amazing! I love how unique the jeans are (even if there are a 1,000,000 in the world! :) ) (The boots are not included, they come with Rebeccas school outfit!)

There is the detail on the back side of the jeans, so realistic!!

(I don't know if you can see the belt, BUT) - I asked Cathy how she made the belt...she said she went to the store and got a pair of Gladiator Sandals  (that were 70% off!) and made little belts out of them! :O So creative! I would of never thought of doing that! High five for being creative Cathy! :)

The outfit is very well made (so is everthing else in the store!)
It arrived all wrapped up and looked very special!
It was made just for "My American Girl Story"
It was very good quality!
It was easy to put on!
The belt was very real.
It would be a great outfit for any doll!
The fabric patterns and colors were a great choice!

When it arrived, it smelled like smoke. So I asked Cathy if there were any smoking done in their house, and turns out - it is just a wood burner! The smell might be a bother.. :) But I don't mind it!

Her items in the shop are a little pricy.


Quality: Very good! I could get a lot fo play time with this outfit.

Service: SUPER fast shipping - responded very fast! They were very sweet!

How you will get the item: All wrapped up in a little box and tissue paper! (don't forget the very cute business card!)

Creativity- Amazing! The shirt is made out of a girls t-shirt, the belt is made from a pair of shoes (!!), and the pattern of the shirt is SO unqiue!

How do I overall rate her shop, service, and outfits?  A+!

Thank you Cathy at MIGURLZ CLOTHING! This was a special treat! I hope this brings viewers to your shop! (Girls, make sure you check out the shop!).

Please check out her shop HERE!


In the next couple of days- GIVEAWAY! (the prize (s), this outfit and more! Enjoy! :) )


  1. That outfit looks ADORABLE! :D Great review! ;)

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  3. Thank you for the great review!
    I will post a link to your blog, whith the details of the give away,on my facebook page!

  4. Rose: Thanks for commenting! I love it too! :)

    Emma: Totally agree! :D

    MI GURLZ CLOTHING - Ok! :) My pleasure!