Monday, July 16, 2012

Target Toy Sale


Today was packed full of shopping (some good and bad). MY idea of good shopping is Target, and our resturant (which is sorta trying out foods)... My least favorite are: grocery shopping, picking up my dads shirt from the cleans, and so on.

Anyway, while we were at Target, they were having a sale on 18 inch items..... Here is what I saw, and wanted to buy.

The one in the pink dress, the Africa girl, and the brown hair girl in the back. I love them all! (Mostly the indian one!).... they are only $24.00 at this Target, I am totally saving up for this one!

And some other stuff..... :)

OH! A couple of days ago I revieved these cute 18 inch Etsy shorts that I need to review, either tomorrow or the day after.... Have a nice afternoon!!

P.S. Sorry for the short post!

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