Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Cancer Dolls. :D

Hi Doll lovers! :)

I know you have already heard the news, but I wanted to tell you what I like about the new Cancer dolls.

A lot of people in this world have cancer. My grandpa has cancer, my neighbor has cancer, and my friend has cancer. It is tough! My Grandma auctully died of Cancer 4 years ago, even though I was young I remember the day. It is really sad to lose someone.... :(

My young friend (we know each other because we are in the same homeschool coop) has cancer for the 2nd time. The fought it the first time and now she needs to fight it again.

I think it would be wonderful to have a doll look like me, if she has hair or not.


Wonderful! They still look beautiful and fun to play with!

" Wonderful AG! You did a lovely job! Many kids will love these! "

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! :)

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P.S. I keep looking at this outfit over and over, I hope I can get it! ;)

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