Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Looking into "Doll Closet"


I have posted about this shop a million times but they are awesome and they have some new thigns in- Here are my favorite five.

American Girl Doll Clothes - A Peasant Top in Whimsical Daisies, OOAK

I love the colors of this top! I bought a simalar top from the "Doll Closet" and it was awesome! 5 star for sure!

American Girl Doll Clothes - The Rose Ballad Collection, A Yoke Skirt in Serenade Moonlight

Cute for sure! :)

American Girl Doll Clothes - Easter Babydoll Jumper in Pastel Purple, Made To Order

This would look amazing on Rebecca! :D (oh and guess what?!?, wait, I will save that for a later post!).....

American Girl Doll Clothes - Funky Flowers Peasant Top in Olive, Made To Order

Unique unique unique!!!

And last but not least-

American Girl Doll Clothes - Lace Leggings in White, Made To Order

Very fun! :) Reminds me of Minnie Mouse, but in a stylish way! LOL

Have a wonderful day! :)

Have a wonderful day! :)


  1. I check the shop out! Those clothes are so cute!

  2. Yeah, I have a green and white one! :) Totally recommend the outfit, it is amazing!

    Thanks for commenting! AGMarket

  3. Thank you for the kind words about my work! :)

    -Christine from dollcloset