Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An award! (thank you!)

Hi! :)
The computer FINALLY came and put up internet connection, so now I can post everyday.

I was awarded this award by Priya and Hannah.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give the link.
Thank you Hannah and Priya! :)

2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and why you continue it.

Well my mom was searching the internet and came accross My American Girl- she told me about it and I looked at it. :D I loved it! It was full of fun! I started my own a few weeks later, thanks to Etsy and my buddies (you know who you are!), the blog is growing and growing. :) I keep posting because I love American Girl! + I love taking pictures, and the dolls are perfect models! I love meeting new Bloggers!

Describe a usual day of your life.

Haha, this is a funny question. :)

I wake up around 8:30 (I am homeschooled). Then I do 45 minutes of piano (which sadly, is not my favorite). Then we start school around 10:30. School stops around 2:00 and then we go to an activity (like soccer!), then we go check our P.O. Box and then I reply to the 70 emails I get everyday! XD

. The best collaboration with a blogger?

Priya, Hannah, Emma, Jessica, Katie, Chloe, and Karenmomofthree. They are all so sweet and caring!

5. Worst collaboration with a blogger?

I have met a lot of bloggers that have been rude, saying that my blog is not worth reading as so on. BUT I would not like to say their names because it would be rude. ;)

. Explain what having this blog means to you.

It describes me! I can express myself and have fun. It means a lot! I get to meet a lot of new Etsy shops (thank you for those wonderful giveaways!) and become friends with wonderful Christian girls. :D I hope I will never leave it!

Ok, so the people I nominate are:

Something Beuatiful

The Spiceys

and Karenmomofthree 

I have a couple of surprises for you!

1. We are going to be having 3 giveaways/reviews with awesome items!

2. Another blog is being made! :) With Priya, Rose, Jessica, Hannah, and Emma! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful day!


P.S. This is the beautiful scarf I got from Etsy! :) Isn't it darling??


  1. Thanks for nominating me! And I love the scarf that you got!

  2. you are home schooled I am too!!!