Friday, July 27, 2012

Hearts for Hearts Doll Rahel!

Hi!! :)

All the sudden I have a spark of interest in looking at other blogs! :D I am going to do something like Link Love, that the Spiceys do! :)

Things I liked this week-

I loved the Spiceys Summer T-shirts!

French braids look lovely in her dolls hair!

Basilmentos Filming in public!

Ok, so now onto my post! :)

My sister got Rahel at Target for $27.99. She is beautiful! I took some pics! :)

Her box! :D

A picture of the lovely Rahel! (We are keeping her name African!)....

We are making her a younger sister to Emily B. That is why she doens't have a skirt on! ;)

So adorable! Things I love about Hearts for Hearts dolls:

1. Every time you purchase a hearts for hearts doll, some of the money go towards the homeless and the poor.

2. They have adorable faces!

3. They are great quality for $28!

I hope you all end up getting some! :)

Guess what?? We have 40 followers! Now this is going to be an Etsy Giveaway (with some other stuff) tons of prizes! I am talking with some of the shops right now! SO- please be patient! :)

Sunday: Doller section finds!

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. Hi hun where else have you found her?No store in my region-Midwest or online sells her .Got one originally from Target but my moms dog ate my daughters Rahel doll.I must have one and online they want 3x the retail.Even if you have any friends who live in other regions if they could check their Target stores too.we just received shoes for her last night .She was so excited she dsnt have her to cuddle and I'm in a frenzy because I have had problems finding black dolls for her and Christmas shopping last year and a Google search later I found that many manufactures were slacking on black dolls or offering diversity from everything from dolls to party accessories. Playmates toys online only carries Dell....I am appalled,saddened and just plain mad to see my daughter so sad