Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dolls Day to the Vineyard

Hi! :)

The big post as promised! :) I see that I have many faithful followers... :D

So this post doens't have many photos of the vineyard itelf, but you see a lot of the dolls! XD OH! And good news! I got my camera fixed! :)

So I took some pictures at different angles... :) This is all 3 of the girls (my sisters brought Emily and Kit.) And I brought Felicity!

I love her outfit here! Felicity is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! :D

I like the angle from this one! My lovely friend made the shorts!

All three of them together in my Grandpas colorful and fun kitchen!

The reason I wanted to bring my doll to the vineyard is because I love 'hand' pictures. As you have noticed, I have a picture with her hand with a flower, and etc. I just NEEDED one with the giant (to them) grapes!

And here Emily is again! :) She is perfect for photos! :-)

Yeah, and it sorta ended there!

Guess what? Lots of new things coming soon! Here are some of them:

1. We are making a doll school (there are 8 2x2 rooms)! It will be done in like 2-3 months! Want pictures? ;)

2. We got a Hearts for Hearts doll! can you guess which one? We are gtting another one today! I will do a review, don't worry!

3. My packedge from Jess came in today! (I ordered tons of hangers, 15 white ones.) For only $3.75! I will show you pics soon!

4. ONE MORE FOLLOWER! Yeah! :) Tell your friends! One more follower for the giveaway! (Also looking for extra sponsers!)....

I will be back tomorrow! :)

Have a nice afternoon- I am about to go swimming, what about you??