Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dollar Section Finds - + Giveaway news!

Hi'Ya! :)

Just got back from church! :)

Just wanted to let you know, I won't be posting on Saturdays (I am so sorry!), we go on vacation. Yesterday we went to the mountains (50 miles of twisty roads). I got SO car sick (I am always like that). :( Anyway.... :D On this vacation we found sme Indian Pottery.... Will show you some pics later! :)

So- Todays topic is Dollar Store finds!

We found these Tin (metal!) boxes at Target (the dollar section). Awesome right? We are making a doll school, so all of these items are super helpful!

A little globe! :) See that little hole? This 'globe' is auctully a pencil sharpener! :) Thanks dad for picking this up for me in Germany! (This was in the Euro... doll section... in Germany).

And this little easal (I have not idea how to spell that, it is sorta early in the morning! :D) was at Hobby Lobby (on sale) for less than a dollar!

Cool, right? I like them a lot! I can't believe how many things you can find in Human stores! -_-

Oh, my, goodness! We have 41 followers, thank you so much for following and viewing! Have you guys seen my stats? I have around 80 people view my blog everyday. It makes me so happy to know that this little blog has gone so far!!

On to the giveaway, it is still moving slowly, so pleas eb patient. ;)

We MIGHT have these items int he giveaway....

MAYBE this one...

I also have 3 other shops that need to respond to me.....

Have a nice afternoon!


  1. Adorable Outfit! What shop is it from?

  2. It is from MIGURLSCLOTHING -

    Very fun shop! I hope you end up checking it out! :D

  3. Thanks - we most certainly will!