Friday, June 8, 2012

Liberty Jane Patterns!

Hello! :)

I know that in this crowd, there is people that love to sew. Well! I am pretty sure you know of Liberty Jane Patterns, but I thought I would just show them to you again. :)

A lot of their patterns are free, here are some free AG patterns.

The swimsuit is super easy to make!

Mix and match with this shirt and a pair of jeans!

Super cute summer look!

So trendy and modern! :)


Ok, so now I am going to show you the ones that are not free, but they are so adorable and totally worth the money!

Imagine making shoes for your doll! :) Perfect for the beach! Only $3.99! Click here for the link:

This shirt is so cute! Would look good in any knit fabric! Only $3.99 - click here for the link:

Super cute summer dress! AND only $3.99! Skill level is medium! Click here for the link:

Plus more! Here are some photos!

Here comes my favorite one!! :)

Yeah! That about ends it, but they have like 15 pages of patterns for you to view!

This week has been totally busy- we are moving in less than a week, so that's why! ;) But I know you all understand, my little blogger buddies! :D

Butterberry is cute!.....

P.S. Ok, so you are probably wondering why I said "ButterBerry is cute". Butterberry is my Holland Lop Bunny. :)

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