Thursday, June 7, 2012

American Girl News


Priya posted this on her blog and I thought I would tell you the news!

Oh! Isn't this exciting? If you like the book "Little Women" then you will love Caroline Abbott! She could either be dark skinned or light skinned.... I think probably light skinnes because Caroline Abbott is an American name! What color hair do you think she is going to have? My mom thinks she will be a brunette!



"Enjoy a three day trip for four to an all special American Girl store visit!"

You have to 'like' them on their facebook account though, and I don't have facebook! :(

GO to their Facebook page to learn how to enter! Good luck!

Hope you like the new news! :)


  1. i think red hair

  2. I can't wait until she comes out! :) Hmm, 1812...neat! :)