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10 Days of Pure fun- Interview with Karenmomofthree

Hello! I was looking at different blogs and came accross The blog from Karenmomofthree. I asked her to do an interview! She said yes! :)

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Here it is! 1. How did you start blogging? I started blogging on Christmas 2010. I was waiting for my sister and her husband and girls to arrive for Christmas and I had to get them at the airport very late so while I waited I started my first blog.

 2. In your spare time, what do you do with your dolls? Mostly my two nieces who I look after a few days a week play with my 12 dolls (5 AG, 3 My London Girl Dolls, 2 Springfield Dolls, 1 Maplelea Doll 1 Australian Girl Doll) I uses my dolls mostly as models and in photos for Doll clothing and items I make for dolls, though I can not help but hug each of then now and again!

3. Could you tell us a little bit about your family? My family, well I am a mom of three boys, I have 5 nieces who play with dolls and I have been married for 14 years. I have two sisters who all have daughters and a Brother who is getting married next year and his new wife to be has a 12 year old daughter who will be my step niece.

4. Are there anymore AG lovers in your family? Yes my niece Trinity has Two AG dolls a JLY and Rebecca, My niece Cadence has Mckenna, My niece Hannah has Marie-Grace, my niece Laura has a JLY and my niece Thea has a bitty baby. My sisters are now AG doll lovers as well, all my fault. My sisters are also 6 and 8 years younger then I am. 5.

What 18 inch brand of doll is your favorite?
It is no secret that my favorite is American Girl but I love Springfield dolls as a very close 2nd.

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6. I see that you post something everyday, is it hard? Posting every day is a challenge! I actually post daily on two of my blogs my main one and and . I do love to promote Etsy shops and fun doll activities and doll play items as well as finding interesting people in the doll world to write about. I also write and publish a craft on Friday's for Doll Diaries I have been doing so for 1 year now.

7. Do you have an Etsy/Zibbet shop? If so, could you tell us about it?? I do have an Etsy shop I started it before I started making doll clothes and now I sell doll clothes and have a dolly mail service where I will send any of my doll postcards to someone you love for the cost of the stamp and the cost of printing my postcard. While I do not make much money on my Etsy shop I do love having it and sending Dolly Mail to people makes me happy!

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8. Anything else you would like my readers to know? That no matter how old you are you are never to old to love dolls. How we play with and love dolls may change as we get older but no one should ever make you feel bad or that you are too old to love your dolls. I still have my cabbage patch kids from when I was growning up and I love them as much now as I did then. I also love my 18 inch dolls and my growing 6 inch AG doll collection.

Wasn't that wonderful? Here are some more fun things you  can do!

One with cupcakes:

and one with patterns:

Awesome right? She has tons of crafts too! Come back everyday for something new to read!


Thank you Karen for letting us interview you! (and thank you for buying some of my folders,:) )

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