Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo Contest Details. STARTS TODAY

This photo contest will end in December/Jan. There will be so many prizes. PRIZES - for everyone. 

We will have 9 rounds in this order:

First round: "Setting up Christmas decorations". Your doll must be shown setting up some sort of Christmas /Holiday decoration. A wreath, lights, the tree, wrapping presents, baking a cake, etc.

Second round: "Celebrate Christmas in black and white". Black and white is so chic. For this round I want to be able to see the christmas spirit, but still in black and white. 

Third round: Holiday Fashion - This is where your doll is seen trying on, purchasing, or wearing her Holiday dress/outfit.

4th Round: Family Photos. Not all of your doll family, just a few of them, in a family photo for the yearbook!

5th Round: "What Christmas means to you". What does Christmas mean to you? Make sure your photo has the answer.

6th Round: THE TREE. Your doll can be standing next your tree, setting up their own tree, or picking one out!

7th Round: Family Traditions. What are your family traditions on the Holidays? Egg nog next to the fire? YOU TELL ME!

8th Round: Christmas food. Your doll must be cooking, eating, or setting up the holiday table. Show me what you love to eat on the Holidays!

and 9th and final round: Christmas morning!


Not all of us are talented at photography, and that is okay! This photo contest will be more graded on the creativity! I would still like to see clear light photos, but just remember to do your best!

TO SIGN UP FOR THE PHOTO CONTEST. EITHER email me at agmarketclub@hotmail.com, write to me thru etsy, or comment below.

Thank you so much!
For the first round you have two weeks to do. start now


  1. Sounds AWESOME!!!! I'll see if I can enter!! I can't wait to see the prizes!!

  2. Aaah! So excited! Combining three of my favorite things: dolls, photos, and Christmas! Oh, and prizes! Please excuse my excitement :D
    I am officially signing up! Thank you so much!

  3. Ooh! I definitely want to enter! :D

  4. I want to enter!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls :)

  5. I would love to enter :) :) :) Thank you for hosting these wonderful contests :)

  6. Signing up! :D I already took my photo for Round 1! So excited! :)

  7. Hello! I'm signing up! I will send you my photo with the name Aqua!

  8. Where can I find the guidelines for the contest? As in how many weeks\days for rounds, when you will post the winners and stuff like that?
    I already sent in the first round pic, and it was a lot of fun!