Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JackiesHeartandSoul Splendid 30's Day with Emmaline

That vintage and inspiring look re-inventing the 30's.

Emmaline Fern loves the look. {and believe me you will too!}

Today, I am looking into a wonderful shop called JackiesHeartandSoul:

This shop has modern, AND historical looks for your 18 inch doll.

The dress is so well made, with simple sleep lines.

This item shipped super fast, and came in a plastic wrapping, to keep it clean.
{yet another thing I loved about this review, it was super super clean and crisp when it arrived - ready for tons of play time with my dolls}

The quality is a simply cotton, but it holds up well, and to me - looks just like the 30s.

SO REMEMBER to press on the banners for her link or click here:

Thank you Jackie!

{Everyone, go check this store out for fun Christmas must haves}

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