Thursday, August 22, 2013

My School Updates

Wow. Tomorrow is the last day of my first week. It went by so fast. I loved it. I love my new school. :) I have been homeschooled/public school/and private school all my life, and now I am in a private charter school. I go to school 3 days  a week, and then stay home 2 days a week.

Should I explain my classmates? :} I think so.

Scott: (twins with Mark) very funny. Winks at me a lot. ;)
Mark (twins with Scott). More serious. Doesn't wink at me a lot. ;)
Johnathen: Very funny, and my partner for math.
Zach: No words to describe this handsome sporty dude.
Caleb: My friend from awhile back. Super quiet.
Mikeala: Super nice and preppy.
Kayla: Very sweet and quiet.
Me:. :D xD (:
and a few other random people. ;)

My teachers are so nice, funny, kind, sweet, lovely, inspiring and just AWESOME except for *cough* my two hour long history class teacher. Long story short..... never smiles....

I am having fun.

I will have some more posts for you this weekend. :)


  1. I am so glad school is going well for you, Angelique! :) This was my first week of school too, I think it went pretty well! :)


  2. I start school august 26 public my whole life but small community like like 700 or something like 3/4 of prek is a hundred so I don't know

  3. Sounds like a fun group. Best wishes for a great year.

  4. Have fun! I know someone who goes to a school like, they really enjoy it! Unlike yours, (I just had my open house a few days ago!) my social studies teacher is SOO upbeat! Man..I don't know if he was doing it for the parents of luck for the new year! I somewhat envy you- I'm pretty excited for the year but I don't start until Monday!

  5. Sorry typo *I know some people who go to a school like that

  6. That's awesome! :) I had a pretty good first week of school too. We survived! :D